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A full service headshot photographer offers on location shoots as well as studio shoots.  The on location shoots are for the business client who wants a web and print presence that markets to his existing and potential customers.  The  business client will often want headshots of multiple employees for the company website and printed materials  Both for the client and the photographer experience convenience and savings from an on location shoot. 

The client will want to showcase key personnel.  It is a convenience to the client to be able to do the headshots at the client’s location. The client benefits by making the headshots convenient for the employees and least disruptive to the business’ daily work flow. 

The convenience to the photographer is that they are able to schedule many more headshots than if those individuals came separately to the photographer’s studio.  As a result the photographer can offer a reduction on the per headshot pricing over what they would charge for a studio headshot session. This of course is a win for the business owner also.

A location shoot also facilitates obtaining visuals other than headshots. An example is office candids.  These images show the working environment, the teams working together.  To potential employees, these images highlight the desirable ambiance of the workplace.  To existing and potential customers, the images show the business owner as a responsible employer who cares about their employees and also the image they portray.  It is all part of building a desirable brand.

To achieve the benefits of an on location shoot, it is important to carefully plan and implement the logistics of the shoot.  The client should timely inform the employees of their pending photo sessions and also provide several reminders as the day of the shoot approaches. Dress code and grooming expectations should be set early and clearly communicated to the employees.  Also, the client should implement and manage the scheduling the day of the shoot.

The photographer should have the equipment and skill set to deliver great on location images.  This includes not just great headshots, but excellent candid and environmental  photos, and even interior and exterior shots of the client’s facilities.  A truly professional headshot photographer should offer on location shoots as well as studio shoots.  If you are looking for a truly professional photographer in the Orlando FL area, I highly recommend Scott Lerner of Orlando Headshots.



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