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You’ve finally decided now is the time for your first headshot or maybe the first after a few years. A good headshot photographer costs more than chump change.  So you want to do whatever you can to ensure that you get a really great headshot that shows the authentic you. As your photographer, I am here to guide you in your preparation. 

First of all, let’s go over what you do not need to worry about or crank up the anxiety meter over.  As your photographer I am responsible for making you feel at ease by creating the atmosphere for a relaxed and fun shoot.  I believe above all you should enjoy your shoot.  That is my bailiwick. My studio is a relaxed comfortable space, a studio with a bit of living room thrown in.

Now to what you should focus on, hair, make up/grooming, and clothes.  

1. Women’s and Men’s Hair.  If you need a hair cut, by all means get one.  Just get it about a week before your headshot appointment. And especially for women, I would not recommend radically changing your hair style. Sometimes these radical changes look marvelous, and sometimes, not so much so.

2. Women’s Hair and Make Up.  I highly recommend the services of a hair and make up artist.  You are dropping big bucks for you headshot.  Why not spend an extra few to make sure your hair and make up are tip top for the camera. 

3. Men’s Hair.  Don’t use a lot of styling gel. A little goes a long way in front of the camera.

4.Women’s and Men’s clothing.  Bring at least 3 different tops to the session. Avoid busy patterns.  Simple is best as the focus is on you and your expression.  Bring colors that you are comfortable with. 

5. Men’s Grooming.  No make up for men unless you are wearing a bit on a daily basis. If you tend to grow a heavy beard but want to be clean shaven for your headshot, please shave as close to the session as possible. 5 o’clock stubble is almost impossible to remove in Photoshop.  However, If you are cultivating the stubble look, ignore the above.  And clip those nose hairs.

To quote a fellow headshot photographer, Bryan Engle of 101Headshots in Carlsbad, CA, “Invest in you. Define your brand. Understanding how to prepare for (your headshot) and what to bring will give you the best chance to get that killer headshot…”



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