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Do I Need A Professional Headshot?

In the land of selfie abundance, you might ask the question, “Why do I need a professional headshot?”  Well, to start with there are not many selfie professional headshot photographers out there. Of course, you can go online and watch a U-Tube video on how to take a reasonably good-looking selfie, but there are a lot more things that go into great headshots than are dreamt of in selfie philosophy.  (Shout out to Shakespeare).

To begin with, it is hard to get the best angle with a selfie. In most selfies, the camera is held high and pointed down at the subject.  This makes you look like just another person on vacation in Aruba.  On the other hand, a professional photographer will study your face becoming well aware of your best angles.  A professional photographer has the experience of analyzing thousands of faces and thus has become adept at determining the most photogenic angles.  And the best photogenic angles aren’t necessarily the best angles when you look at a face in 3 dimensions.  The camera flattens the face into 2 dimensions.  This is why some people who you would perceive as ordinary are actually very photogenic. The camera has strange preferences and the professional headshot photographer knows these well.

The professional photographer also brings experience with clothing choices.  They know from experience what photographs well and what doesn’t. You don’t want to use your snapshot at the Kentucky Derby as your professional representation as of you as an exceedingly competent trial attorney. Of course, you would never do this! But the professional headshot photographer will be able to discern what compliments you best in terms of your own physical characteristics and the purpose of your headshot.

Lighting makes the man or woman.  Lighting is so critical to a good headshot.  You know you have looked in some public bathroom mirror and thought, “OMG, how did I age so much overnight.”  Well, it’s not your skin care regime, but rather the atrocious industrial lighting.  The professional headshot photographer often mortgages their house and first born to acquire state of the art lighting equipment, i.e. the best and most flattering. And they are expert in how to use it.  It’s just amazing what a different flattering lighting can make.

Having fun and relaxing is the secret to getting an amazing direct, warm, and authentic headshot.  The best photographers are skilled at putting you at ease in front of the camera.  The camera can be really scary to some, but it can be made to be your friend and treat you well.  The key is to relax, to challenge it, to show it you are not afraid. The best photographers set you up for success by helping you do this.

Above all, look at a photographer’s work to see if it resonates with you.  There are a lot of photographers out there to choose from so pick one that speaks to you.  Style is important and apart from basic technical expertise is the main factor that differentiates photographers.  Among my headshot photographer friends, I think Matthew Hamilton really represents the quality that you would get from a professional headshot photographer. Check out his website.



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