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Who Is My Ideal Client?

You guessed it!  This is a trick question.  My ideal headshot client is not someone who is uber comfortable in front of the camera, nor is it someone who has their best angles down pat.  It is not someone who is very photogenic, nor is it someone who pays me a sh**load of money for their headshot.  It is not someone who loves to have their picture taken, nor is it the selfie addict.

My ideal headshot client is someone, however, who does realize the powerful value of an authentic, warm, and engaging headshot, someone who realizes that many people, clients, employers, etc. will see their headshot before they meet them in person.  Yet, even though my ideal client realizes all this, they are reluctant to step in front of a camera.  It is so easy to put on the calendar for next month.  I’ll wait till I loose 10 lbs or I’ll wait till I color my hair red.

It goes back to all the negative encounters we have had in the past with the camera. Many times the camera has not been our friend. We all have had the experience of having a bad photo taken. It probably started with those annual school photos which we all have experienced.  Maybe there are a couple of good ones out of all the years of bad school photos.  But in all probability the ratio of bad ones to good ones is very high. And this doesn’t stop when one graduates from high school. All those horrible Department of Public Safety drivers license photos work their way into our wallets.  And those workplace ID photos are attached to us front and center Monday thru Friday and sometimes weekends.  Their previous experience nags at them.  “I don’t expect much and this whole experience, if not painful, is probably going to be quite boring.”

So even though my ideal client realizes the need for and power of a great headshot photo, they walk into the studio with hesitation and even a bit of fear.  My job is to put them at ease, make them laugh and have fun, get them to be friends with the camera, flirt with it, challenge it.  Make them realize that I am there to make them look good, look confident and approachable. The client who walks into the studio a bit hesitant and unsure, but walks out having had a great time, lots of laughs and a great headshot to boot, that’s my favorite client.

I have spoken with many of my headshot photography friends and most concur that their favorite client is often one of their most challenging clients, but also one that gives them their greatest job satisfaction. We all agree the high point of our job is helping someone to feel great about themselves, to help them to see that they can look amazing in photos.  One of my fellow photographers who is an example of this is Boston headshot photographer, Barry Braunstein.  Check out his headshot work at Barry Braunstein Photography.




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