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Headshot Fear. Most people have a bit of anxiety over having their picture taken. Check out this post for how to overcome headshot fear.

A common question is whether I just shoot in my studio or shoot on location.  Check out this post for the answer.

How do I prepare for my headshot shoot? Check out. this post to see how to prepare to get to most out of your headshot session.

How should a headshot look.  A really successful headshot has certain characteristics.  Check out this post to find them out.

Makeup dos and don’ts.  Makeup can look great or it can really detract from you image.  Check out this post for the dos and don’ts

Men’s grooming for headshots. To shave or not to shave. And what about that dry skin.

Corporate group headshots. From board room to classroom, group headshots can be informative or boring. Let’s make sure they are the prior, not the latter.

My new iPhone has an awesome camera that can take awesome headshots.  So why do I need a professional headshot photographer to take my headshot.  This will change your mind.

Why shouldn’t I have my headshot taken in front of a graffiti wall.  If you are asking the question, maybe you should check this out.

Headshots aren’t just for the corporate world.

Clothing, don’t dress like you are going to the Kentucky Derby.  See this post for the reasons why.

Who Is My Ideal Client?  See this post to find out.



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